• GTCR seeks to partner with exceptional leaders to build market-leading companies. That's The Leaders Strategy™.

    Phil Spencer | CEO, Rural Broadband Investments

    Phil Canfield | GTCR

  • GTCR forges strong relationships with exceptional leaders in key growth sectors.

    Ed Fiorentino | Chairman & CEO, Crealta Pharmaceuticals

    Dean Mihas | GTCR

  • Partnering with exceptional leaders gives GTCR a differentiated perspective on investment opportunities.

    Tim Whall | President & CEO, Protection 1

    Dave Donnini | GTCR

  • The Leaders Strategy™ leverages domain expertise and experience to help drive organic growth.

    Tony Aquila | President & CEO Solera

    Craig Bondy | GTCR

  • The Leaders Strategy™ positions GTCR to acquire under-managed assets and make transformational acquisitions that can drive attractive exits.

    Doug Bergeron | CEO, Opus Global Holdings, LLC

    Collin Roche | GTCR