Tim Whall
President and Chief Executive Officer

Company: Protection 1
Location: Chicago, IL
Phone:(785) 856-5500
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Tim Whall, President and CEO of Protection 1, has over 27 years of experience in the security alarm monitoring industry. Tim joined SecurityLink in 1990 as a Service Manager and ultimately became President and COO of the business. In 2000, SecurityLink was acquired from SBC by GTCR, at which time Tim continued to serve as the company’s President and COO. Tim was instrumental in helping GTCR sell SecurityLink to Tyco/ADT in [year]. Following the sale to Tyco, Tim spent three years (2001-2004) in senior management roles at ADT. Tim left ADT in 2004 to again partner with GTCR to acquire Honeywell’s Security Monitoring division (“HSM”). While at HSM, Tim completed a successful carve-out of the division from its former parent within nine months. Tim was instrumental in preparing HSM for its eventual sale to StanleyWorks in 2007. Tim served as COO of StanleyWorks’ Convergent Security Solutions division for one year following the sale, until he left Stanley in 2008 to again pursue opportunities in the industry with GTCR. This partnership eventually led to the June 2010 acquisition of Protection 1, GTCR’s third investment with Tim.

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