Building with Leaders

GTCR’s deep sector knowledge and capital markets experience are valuable resources for management leaders as they seek to build leading companies. We tap into a wide network of key relationships with strategic participants, consultants, bankers, recruiters, lawyers and other industry players. These relationships enable us to gain key insights regarding sector, regulatory and customer trends. They also carry credibility with sellers and executives, which further extends our range of opportunities.

With management leaders and strong networks in key sectors, we work toward improved pattern recognition to target acquisitions with optimum potential. Our goal is for portfolio companies to become industry leaders, building and achieving substantial market share and sustainable growth. Acquisitions can play a critical role in helping businesses transform into market-leading companies through added scale, accelerated growth and cost synergies.

In seeking target acquisitions, GTCR and its partnership management teams focus on these types of transformative investment opportunities, including companies with underperforming assets and operational upside, and assets that can be strategically repositioned. Through these strong proactive efforts, we are better positioned to evaluate investment opportunities and to assess risks versus rewards.

Following our initial investment, GTCR’s highly resourceful professionals typically work as members of the board of directors to assist management leaders in:

  • Raising additional capital
  • Optimizing capital structure
  • Sourcing, executing and negotiating acquisitions
  • Recruiting additional management leaders
  • Creating management equity ownership opportunities
  • Evaluating opportunities to realize equity value