Partnering with Leaders

GTCR initiates many of its investments by creating partnerships and investing in a new company with a management leader prior to making any acquisitions. To select these leaders, we look for characteristics that have made them outstanding executives in their fields. We seek out full-time CEOs with proven career track records of creating equity value in their industries.

GTCR’s strong leader partnerships can provide unique advantages in the investment process while also mitigating risks. These management leaders can leverage their experience and complementary networks to identify attractive acquisition opportunities and can gain an exclusive or preferential edge in competitive situations. Our management leaders also use their reputations and credibility to attract an exceptional senior management team. Together, our management leaders and their teams can help drive improvements in the financial performance of acquired companies by revitalizing revenue growth and increasing margins. Through unique insights that enable better alignment, management leaders with industry expertise bring experience, better processes and better people to acquired companies. Under the right circumstances, this allows these management leaders to drive operational improvements that can increase market share and revenues while decreasing costs.

GTCR and its management leader partnerships strive to build companies that have substantial strategic value and credibility to prospective acquirers. GTCR uses selective strategic acquisitions as a key element in driving value. Acquisitions can increase strategic value by increasing the overall breadth of services our companies provide to their customers. Acquisitions can also enhance strategic value by increasing overall scale.